Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dear Sher,
If you were to write a "For Dummies" book, what would it be?

Dear Dummy Book reader,
Sock Folding for Dummies. Thanks for asking.

Dear Sher,
Christmas is coming. What's your stand on re-gifting?

Dear Cheapo,
I find it perfectly acceptable to give away to another person something for which you no longer have any use. I re-gift husbands all the time.

Dear Sher,
My husband tells me he'd like me to dress sexier, but I'm not comfortable doing that. How do I make him understand my feelings?

Dear Librarian in Sensible Shoes,
I'm sorry, Plain Jane. I can't help you. It is biologically impossible for him to understand your feelings because as a man, he only comes equipped with two feelings.

Fear, as in "I'm afraid I won't get any sex today". And sadness, as in "I'm sad because I didn't get any sex today". If you see them express anything else, it's like watching a chicken playing one of those tiny pianos. It's just not natural.

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NCJS said...


You no longer have to "believe" that Elvis is alive and well and pumping gas in South Dakota...he actually is, in Geddes, SD! My pal Jerry moved there and now he and Elvis are good buds.