Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stuff I didn't do today...no matter what you heard.

Not just anybody can work from home. Nope. It requires a special kind of person. You have to be well organized, you must maintain a professional work space and you must always conduct your business as if you were in a traditional office environment.

That describes me to a tee. I'm all kinds of organized, I'm nothing if not professional and business-like is my middle name. (Seriously. I was named after my great-grandmother: Cora Business-Like Petty.)

Operating a successful home office can sometimes be as much about what you don't do as it is about what you do....do. (Note to self: giggle later.) For example, here are several things I did not do today.

~ I did not chase my son around the house with a pair of Mr. Man's underwear which I dug from the very bottom of the dirty clothes basket. I would never do that. I am a grown woman for Heaven's sake and one who would not resort to such a sophomoric activity simply because her son said he wasn't going to clean his room.

~ I did not relieve myself while on the phone with a potential business client. That would be completely unprofessional... no matter how quietly I did it or how much green tea I consumed this morning or how long said client droned on and on saying random letters like, "ROI" or "LMNOP".

~ I did not put the phone on speaker during a teleconference while I danced all over the kitchen pretending to sing, "Mustang Sally" into a spatula. That would be so wrong on so many levels.

~ I did not threaten a business associate by telling him if he doesn't do what I need him to do quickly and efficiently, I will show up at his office and literally start a bonfire under his Italian leather chair and invite all his co-workers to a weenie roast. That's just not the kind of girl I am.

~ I most certainly did not spend half an hour playing solitaire and then tell my son I was in the middle of something critical and time sensitive when he asked me to fix him a homemade pizza for lunch. What kind of mother would do that?

Probably the same kind that would chase her kid around the house with dirty underwear.

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