Saturday, September 10, 2005


Sometimes, I am confused. Sometimes, I just cannot understand the way the world works. Sometimes, I am wholly disenchanted at the lack of compassion surrounding me.

But not today.

Yesterday I spent packing. Box after box after box I packed with supplies that are now on their way to a small town in Louisiana that was suddenly inundated with evacuees from New Orleans. People from this little part of the country who probably didn't have the extra money to spare, showed their concern for a city most have never visited by purchasing for it's dispossessed residents diapers, formula, over the counter medicines, games and much more.

I happen to think that's a big deal.

Friday a week ago, we asked in a press release for locals who wanted to help to consider donating specific items toward the relief effort. Before the sun had set on Saturday, they began pouring out their love in a substantial way. Bags and boxes came filled with everything on our list…and they came…and they came…and they came.

Good people, my neighbors.

The thing that makes this most remarkable for me is that the men and women that make up this area are not rich, to say the least. They are hard workers who for the most part struggle to hold onto every penny they can. Nothing comes easy here.

And yet they gave. They gave willingly and joyfully and without hesitation knowing full well that their intended recipients would never know their names and that they could never hope to hear a thank you. It has been the most beautiful outpouring of selfless love I've seen in as long as I can remember.

My faith is restored. Sometimes that happens.

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