Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm OK. You're OK.

The OCD Chick is staring down the barrel of 42 years old. April 24, the birthday all other birthdays are jealous of, is quickly approaching.

And check this out kids...I'm not even freaking out about it. I'm going to be 42 and that's all good with me. Yep. Forty-two. Fooooooooorty-two.

That's a fun number to say, isn't it? Say it with me now. Four....teee....toooo.

I have no problem with it whatsoever. In fact, when my next husband Michael Buble sees me in the frozen pea aisle at Wal-Mart and asks, "How old are you, you not at all old looking woman that I am confident would not make me throw up if I saw you naked?"

I will happily answer, "Four-dee-toooooooooo". And then I will hit him over the head with a bag of frozen chicken gizzards and stuff him in my cart.

This feels good. I'm really and truly OK with turning the big fooooooooor-di-too. Look at me being all mentally healthy and everything. I'm an example for women everywhere, that's what I am.

I'm so OK with it, I wouldn't even freak out if I had to tell a deaf guy how old I am, even though it might take me a minute.

*For those of you not walking around in my head, picture me flashing all my ten fingers really fast the way four-year-old kids do when you ask them how old Grandma is and they say, "This many!"*

I'm so completely comfortable turning fower-deeee-doooo, I am going to give up my dream of mugging a blind nun to get enough money to have plastic surgery on all my parts that I feel are not up to par.

Little known fact: blind nuns are loaded. Just a little School House Rock tidbit I picked up when I was ten. You're welcome.

I can hardly wait 'til the 24th to arrive, Baby. I may just go ahead and start telling people I'm forty-two right now. Right this very freaking minute. I'm about to give drinking and dialing new meaning.

How are you with my turning 4-T-2, blog reader person??? You OK with that? I invite you to share in my OKness. Send me an ecard and tell me how not freaked out you are to be reading the blog of a woman who has been on this earth for FORTY-TWO YEARS!!!!

Gotta go. It's ringing.

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Donna said...

You're a Taurus! I knew I liked you!

42 is a great age. I, however, am freaking out -- In May, I turn :ack!: 50.

Sher said...

Fifty, huh? Be sure and let me know how fifty feels.

Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase tell me it's painless!

Tidewaterbound said...

no, but 45 leaves scars......


Sher said...

Scars? Scars!!!! Let me tell you about scars!

Ummm, how about.... 18, 21, 25, 31, 33, 35, 39, 40 and last Tuesday. I still have the bandaid.

Yes, I am a Taurus. Typically I don't play well with other bulls and definitely not with Pisces. (Yep. I believe in that stuff.)

BTW, how much would I love to be Tide Water Bound this weekend?

Tidewaterbound said...

LOL--actually the worst 'scars' came earlier--in my 30's when my hands began to age a bit and look like my mother's. (and they DID say to use gloves, right? ;))

But actually I don't think we age inside, just our bodies.

...So, Sher, I'd say, you'll be forever young!

Smiles to ya--to a Taurus, from a crabby old Cancer.

Gorgeous here...for a change. Got our first good boomer of a thunderstorm too--right while I was setting up hubby's 1st computer. (He got a laptop--and why do the guy's get all the coolest gadgets? And WHY have I spent so much time helping him with his baby steps--EEK!)

And you think YOU have issues.
Hugs to ya

Tidewaterbound said...

PS--if it helps any--my sis will be 48 April 28th. We'll all nag her well.