Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just beating the deceased equine.

Dear Sher,
I do think you ought to be published. You post often what I tend to hold back. Kudos to you for your fearlessness, freshness, and great wit.

I hit your site at least twice a week and enjoy your offerings.

Dear Kudos,
I agree with you 100%. I'm fearless, fresh and have a wit like no other. Just the other day I was telling Mr. Man how lucky he is to be living with someone who is as fearless, fresh and with such a great wit as me. I also told the cashier at Wal-Mart how lucky she was, the waiter at Tasso's how lucky he was and both the Yorkies have heard about my fearlessness, freshness and great wit.

Kudos back at ya for telling it like it is. You complete me.

Dear Sher,
Having just found your web site and read a lot of it, you definitely get my vote as the next Erma Bombeck. Love your work.

Dear Guy whose real name is Bill,
Thank you so much. That's quite a compliment. It would have been much nicer though to hear you think I'm the next Madonna or Brittney Spears or Orlando Bloom.

Not for nothing, but I noticed you didn't mention how fearless I am. Nothing about my freshness or great wit either. If you want, I will allow you to write a re-do email for extra credit.

Dear Deputy Pretty
I have grapes....lets talk!

Dear Confused,
Sher is spelled S-h-e-r. But thanks for sending me a list of fresh fruit that you personally own. I'm sure that's one of the things Deputy Pretty looks for in a mate.

Know what else is fresh? Me. It has also been said that I am fearless and I have a great wit. Pass it on.

Dear Sher,
You know, back in Topeka they would have given us much better clues.

Dear Guiness Book's tallest cop ever built,
Maybe. But I'll bet they weren't fearless and fresh, nor did they posess a great wit. Not just any wit either. A great wit.

You are so lucky to know me.

Dear Sher,
I just found your website and 'blog' thing, don't ask how I found it cause I have no idea! Anyway, thanks for the laughs, I've been in a sorry state for some time now and I needed to laugh! Keep writing, you have a neat talent and there are a lot of other stay at home, stuck in my house with five small children and not enough chocolate or Coke ( I mean the drink) to get through the day women out here who need a good laugh. Thank you!!!

Dear Mom who drinks Coke through a straw...not her nose,
How'd you find my website & blog thing?

Are any of those kids girls? I have a girl you know. Whenever she and I are sitting around sipping an International Coffee and having a mother-daughter moment and she asks, "Hey Mom, have you ever had that not-so-fresh feeling?", I have to tell her that in fact, I have not.

I'm fresh. It's also been said my wit is great and I am fearless. She is lucky to have me as a Mom.

Does it for me six ways from Sunday.

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