Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a little anxiety and anal cocaine.

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Tidewaterbound said...

Anxiety? Either cough UP the furball, have 3-4 MORE drinks...have Mister Man drive you to the airport and pour you into your seat. You'll make it there baby, and you'll be SO HAPPY you did, just be sure to give me ALL the DISH when you come home.

I'm without any mercy, and I have to fly with FLIGHT ENCOURAGEMENT, remember, I took a 5 year-old on a ferris wheel and SHE was patting my hand..."It's okay Aunt Jane, it's okay" I hyperventilated for the 4 minute ride.

Get rocked, go forth, you've already slayed them, they will love you as we do.

I'm cybery hand-holding from here and heckling all at the same time.

Sher said...

Oh child. If I had some prisoner's anal cocaine.

BTW - the chick does NOT do ferris wheel's. They are Satan's carnival ride.


Smythe Livingston said...

Jeez, You could use a little help!

Sorry I don't have an Ak, but I could hook you up with a nice AR-15or two. Or a Barrett M99. That would impress even those Texans.


Diesel said...

All I have to say is that technically "the Al-Qaeda" is redundant, because "Al" is an article. You should say, "The Qaeda" or "Al-Qaeda."

Everything else made sense.

Sher said...

Smythe - Honey, it makes me nervous that you have any guns at all. You already have expressed a desire to engage in nefarious activities when it comes to me.

Diesel - Once again, you're smarter than I. The last thing I'd want to do is be redundant. Well that's not really the LAST thing I'd want to do, but it ranks right up there.

Smythe Livingston said...

Nefarious........I love it when you talk like that!

Talk to you when you return. (If by some miracle you manage to survive).

Flutterby said...

Say hello to Houston for me. Not that I seriously miss most of it but... most of my family is still there and friends and... well... I sorta miss it, just not the nasty weather shit they have going there most of the time.

Jami said...

You had me at "anal cocaine"!

Wish I'd read this yesterday - then I could have driven halfway to Dallas (which is where the big Houston airport is) and met you with a little libation to help you unwind. But I didn't. So I couldn't. Sorry.

And if you're coming in to the smaller Houston airport, it's actually closer - only halfway to Galveston.

OK - you're messing with me, right? The captcha verification word is "mugly". For real!