Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is nothing to fear...

I am one of the three non-Ermas, so get thee there now and read. Do it.

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Up2DaRack said...

Hey now! That was embarrassing to have my face wiped in public. I promise to wash my face and hands next time before logging on to watch.

You really know how to throw caution to the wind as you're tearing through that parking lot at 6 miles per hour. Woooo Haaaaaa! You're fearless!

Sher said...

You did not just say that number between 5 & 7 to me, did ya?

Damn boy. And I was all loving you so much that I was planning on having a baby just so I could name it "Up2DaRack".

You so blew it.

Anonymous said...

From seeing you ride (albeit some kind of kids toy) wearing open toed shoes it is obvious that you are indeed fearless or maybe just.....Oh never mind.

Have fun, but be careful.

I'm not looking for any damaged goods at the nuptials.

Tidewaterbound said...

I wonder what happens if the bike goes 10 mph? Hahahahahaha! (But you won't catch me ridin' one either...)

Sher you are a success and widening your reach every day.

Sher said...

TSG - Damaged? As in brain injury such that you would have to feed me and brush my pretty hair? Wow. And I totally though you were in deep crazy love with me all these years.

Tide - I loves ya!

Up2DaRack said...

Oh noes!!!! I blew it? Damn the naivety! Can you forgive a guy who hasn't been stalking you as long as that TSG feller?

Sher said...

Only because it's you, I can forgive you, Up2Da.


writerchick47 said...

Oprah called. She wants to talk to you about a blog you mentioned her in? When should I tell her you're available?

Sher said...

Ummm - I'm not sure I am available. I'm sort of crazy famous now.