Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Possums Will Eat Anything.

 I'm in such a weird place in my life right now. I'd love to say I'm at a crossroads, but that implies I have some very clear direction to either side of me and that's not the case. I'm more inclined to want to say I'm at a roundabout.

I can choose to make an exit at some point in the circle and see how that works for me or I can keep going round and round and round.

At the moment, let's just say I feel sort of dizzy.

As I write, I'm at my daughter's house sitting in the baby's room. I should specify there is no actual baby in this room yet. He is currently living at 100 SW. Uterus with an estimated arrival date of July 3. He's a pistol, this one. Kitten's tiny 5'2" body has had a heck of a time trying to accommodate this fella. Today we found out she has hydronephrosis, which is no damn fun. She's in pain and she pees roughly every 1.3 seconds.

I made her banana pudding - cause that's what Southern mommas do when they don't know what else to do.

I took her to IHOP and bought her a man-sized breakfast at 3 in the afternoon. When the waitress asked "bacon or sausage" Kitten said "BOTH!" I just drank my coffee, ate my French Toast and tried to keep my fingers away from the consumption zone.

The only other time I've ever heard noises like I heard coming from my baby girl was when I was married to my second husband living large in rural Hell and I found a possum eating something one of the farm cat's had thrown up.

You're welcome.

Right now, at this very moment, I can hear Kitten & Dog (my son) laughing hysterically from the other room. They each have such distinct laughs, but they share an insane sense of humor, which I like to believe they got at least in part, from me. I adore them so much. They know I love them, of course. I'm just not sure they understand I'd totally make them banana pudding for breakfast from now until forever if it made them happy. That's probably a good thing.

So round and round I continue go. But right now, in this blue room, listening to the most beautiful sound on Earth, it's OK. I'm OK.

I may even try it with my eyes closed. 

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Dawn said...

Enjoy these moments of possums and laughter. I am a firm believer that if you keep those in the front of your mind, then the back of your mind will manage everything else. And no my name is not Pollyanna, but these days I'll answer to most anything. And I'm totally making banana pudding tomorrow night, assuming I consume all these Girl Scout cookies tonight. Pretty safe assumption. Sending good vibes and healing wishes to Kitten.

Sher said...

You are a sugar lump. Thank you! And PLEASE tell me you put Sweetened Condensed Milk in yours. That's the kicker right there.

Up2DaRack said...

Aw, hugs to Kitten. I just know she's gonna get better. Always nice to have a momma around to bring a little comfort and a dollop or two of that pudding. In fact, can you pass me a spoon?

No need to worry about that traffic circle. I'd say you're in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. Those roads outward will always be there when you're ready to turn onto them.

Glad to see you writing again. All the best to Kitten!