Friday, September 17, 2010

Brand Spanking NEW Website Coming Soon....

Dear Sweet Friends & Readers,

Blogger has been crazy good to me since 2004 - which believe it or not, is when I started this blog. But now, just like all marriages and size zero jeans, it's over for me.

The good news is, I have a brand new website mere moments away that'll be so much easier for you to move around in, and so much easier for me to manage. I'll be announcing it on my Facebook page (also very new), so if you like me even a little, scoot on over there and hit that little thumbs up thingy. We have to stick together, you and me.

Thank you Sweet Cookies, and thank you Blogger. Big, crazy, love to you...

And until I see you over there - below is a new vlog so you won't forget me. (It's rough, kids. Been awhile since I was in the saddle.)


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