Friday, February 04, 2005

Dear Sher

Dear Sher,
If you were to divorce Mr. Man, would you get married again?

Dear divorce-chasing attorney,
If I were asked again, absolutely. It's rude to say no.

Dear Sher,

My head hurts. What should I do?

Dear Arnold,
It's a tumor. Seek medical help immediately.

Dear Sher,
If you have a son you call Dog and a daughter you call Kitten, what do you call your husband?

Dear Dr. Doolittle,
Northern Spotted Owl.

Dear Sher,
You've been married before, right? How can you keep getting married when you know it will probably just end in divorce? Aren't you afraid to go through all the pain and the heartache again?

Dear Donnie Downer,
Afraid? Of a little ole divorce? Me? Heck no. (Now you've gone and done it. I'm talking like Huck Finn.)
Listen, marriage is like cheap wine. Sometimes you have to take a swig out of a bunch of different bottles before you find one that doesn't make you throw up on your shoes.

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