Sunday, February 06, 2005

REM is for sissies.

I'm doing lotts of things at 340 in the morning, but sleeping isn't won uf them. Tha'ts cool though. Iv've found that the less I spleep the more creative I am.

in facat, I come up with such good ideaas when I'm runnning on know spellep that i' almosot thinkk I shouldnt slepp ever.

Sure some poe;ple say taaht going woiihtout slepp is somwhow bad for you, bu t I doin't ageree. Humban beingas geta too muc h slpeep thease days. Slpeep, speleep, spleeep is all we do nowww. I rembmeber my fathher tealling me that when he awas a kid he only spleeped free ours a nighta nd he wuaas proud to geti it. DAday isa a smaret guy and iffff he thingks you onley neaeed a fewa houreas eaech nigh#t, it ahs to be treuw.

you knowa, just alsttt weeeek i satyed up untill amlost won in the mroning and i cameee upwith somea preity goued idaeaaaaas. fore explemple i fiigured outaaaaaa wayto make puddingwithougt usinnng any milllek. i reaplaed the milek with cofree kreamer and watere frome the dogss bowl ant itwas ujst as good butwith less fat i thinke I will send teh recpe to marta in jail caus i know apudding is har d to come by onthe inside
but toinight i ahd the vest ideaaaa evear'' i'n going to teaccccccch myself howa to cut the dogsa hair and theam ill sel it on ebaaay to people withoaaat hiare in thiread world cuountries, tahat way i can mbake ltos o f money andd heelp the ahairless chilreqan of south boobwatwa atttt the sama time gots gona love me for tha t adn pllus ill geta biG manshun in haeben pluss m y dogh will lookee gud adn plluss ill save muny@ thaaaaaaaats a damd gud ideaaaaaaaaa thannnk got i didddnt spleep toniehght or elssse id ahave a hiarry dog and theire wouuld be boald headted chilrens eveayrwhre

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Donna said...

LOL - You had me for a moment with the misspellings. (BTW -- I like the new template you're using here.)

Sher said...

You know the truly funny thing, Donna? When I sat down to write I actually planned on writing something worthwhile. After about a million typo's, I quickly decided maybe I should just give up and go with the flow. At 3 in the morning, I was in my office laughing my ass off at who knows what. Sleep deprivation is better than Jack Black even.