Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kitty Cat magic.

It's been a GREAT weekend. My Kitten came home to visit and short of winning the lottery or having James Spader tap dance naked in my living room, nothing could have made me happier.

Kitten is the most beautiful female ever born and I'm not just saying that because I gave birth to her. The truth is the kid looks nothing like me (this photo is evidence and note to other old ladies: do not tilt head...makes you look fat), so it's not like I'm taking some sort of credit for her beauty. I have no idea how the kid got to be as pretty as she is and I refuse to give any credit whatsoever to the male that was involved in her conception.

She thinks maybe she was switched at birth. Well "thinks" isn't as much the truth as "hopes" I believe. I think every time someone knocks at her door she says a little prayer that maybe it will be her "real" Mom who will not yell at her for watching MTV or constantly tell her to sit up straight.

Anyway, I got to hear all the stuff going on in her life, that the grand-puppies aren't talking quite yet and that her friend is dating a slimy "old guy" (translation: thirty-three) that is chasing skirts all over the Midwest. It was absolutely wonderful and absolutely what I needed.

My Kitten is magic and I'm the luckiest woman who thinks she's a mom but is really just the lady who brought home the wrong baby from the hospital in the whole, wide world.

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1 comment:

KimA said...

omg! U Rock Sher!!

LOL! I ended up on your blog via google 'mean Christmas cards ex-husband' and ran into your 'you forgot your anniversary/addicted to Benadryl' post! LOL!
You have made my day! You will be sure to get more hits from this part of the country!