Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hi Grandma. Heaven is louder than I thought.

As I write, I am near death. I don't want to break your heart entirely, but there is coughing and fever and aches and lots of spewing of bodily fluids. I'm entirely ill.

Bless my heart.

To occupy my mind I have been reading and watching TV, buying stuff on eBay and whimpering. I decided after having bought a commemorative set of Civil War pot holders I should surf for stuff to make me laugh...for free.

Remember Mitch Hedberg? He was a comedic genius and he died way before his time. I found some of his stuff online and it made me laugh as hard reading it now as when I would watch his deadpan delivery on TV.

Now I will share with you. Look at me giving to others even as I am surrounded by a bright light. I'm a giver.

http://www.thedotdotdot.com/humor/hedberg.html (Scroll down to about mid way in the page.)

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