Friday, January 20, 2006

I hear ya.

Dear Sher,
omg! U Rock Sher!!LOL! I ended up on your blog via google 'mean Christmas cards ex-husband' and ran into your 'you forgot your anniversary/addicted to Benadryl' post! LOL!You have made my day! You will be sure to get more hits from this part of the country!

Dear Soul Sister,
You were looking for a mean Christmas card to send your ex-husband and found me? I can't help with Christmas, but as Valentine's is right around the corner, allow me to hook you up. Here you go... a Sher original:

To my ex-husband on Valentine's Day~
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your penis is tiny
Which is why I left you.
(Hint* This sentiment is best expressed in weed killer on his front lawn.)

Dear Sher,
Your hair is the same color as your dog. Do you take him to the salon and have them dye you to match him?

Dear person who married my brother,
Yep, but only because the cat is too fast for me. Oh, by the way... if my parent's should find out all the mean stuff you say about them, it was Connie. She's a total blabbermouth.

Dear Sher,
I think your writing is great. I first found you when I was searching for stuff on Hashimoto's, being a recent victim myself. I did however make the mistake of showing said article to my family, and now they let me get away with nothing!! Stupid move on my part, huh?

Dear fellow sufferer,
Yes it was, but it's not your fault. One of the symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease is the inability to stop yourself from making stupid moves. I submit for your consideration my laundry list of ex-husbands.

Dear Sher,
I was reviewing my site and came across your link. I have this strong feeling about your experiences even though you are a total stranger and I wouldn't recognize you if you passed me in the street. I really want to see you make "Wiping the Crazy Off My Face" into a book,with that perfect titles, about your experience with OCD. Hasn't anyone approached you with this idea? Send some columns off to an agent and get one.

Judging my your writing, you could do a great job. Through in some quotes with doctors, a few interviews of other people (famous) with OCD, etc. Please write this.

Faith R. Foyil (Sanity Central)
Sunny Daze: The Humorous Misadventures of a Tropical Island Mom by Faith R. Foyil
Have a laugh! See my columns at

Dear Faith,
Thank God you wouldn't recognize me on the street. It would make stalking you a lot more difficult.

Dear Sher,
Reading your stories has been very fun, and yes, even informative at times. I am a Minnesotan transplanted into the genteel southern city of Nashville. I truely love it here, but I miss my family. Reading your collums makes the pain hurt a little less. Please don't stop writing, you do have loyal fans, and I'd like to think that I am now one of them.

Thank you for the voodoo that you do.

Dear person I like because you thanked me for my voodoo,
All you really need to know to thrive in the South is this:
Tea is sweet, hair is big and all church functions require you bring a casserole with Cheez Whiz or Ritz Crackers as the main ingredient.

Dear Sher,
I need an ear.

Dear Vincent,
I told you not to do it. A greeting card would have been more appropriate and your headphones would still fit.

Dear Sher,
Why is it so hard to comment on your blog? You can't comment unless you are registered!

Dear wanna be blog commenter,
Because I said so.

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Comfort Addict said...


Funny, as always. I'm sorry that I haven't been over here lately. Life has been a little rough. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

Sher said...

Hiya CA,
I'm sorry life is rough for ya at the moment. Just remember, when life gives you lemons... they'll work just as well as a lime in a pinch.

Chin up!

See? I should totally be a motivational speaker.