Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Put if off, Percy.

Right now at this very moment in time, I am putting something off for no other reason than I don't wanna do it.

This weekend I am scheduled to teach a little "how to" class to about 20 or so local citizens who want to know what I already know and are willing to sit still and listen to me because they are under the misguided impression that it might be worthwhile.

And, I guess it might. If I would actually write down what I am going to say. Which I haven't. Which brings me to the aforementioned putting off deal.

I love to write. Love it like no other. But apparently I only love to write when I don't have to write. If I feel even the least bit of pressure I get all James Dean and rebel.

Or is it Jimmy Dean? Which one of them makes sausage? 'Cause I don't freak out and fry sausage. I freak out and rebel. See how that's different?

Unfortunately I have only myself to blame as this whole freaking thing was one of my brilliant marketing plans. Since I am the one forcing me to write and also the one who is rebelling against being forced to write, this is a bit of a pickle. A conundrum, if you will.

I suppose I could rebel against myself. Maybe I should cook a big pot of lima beans and then refuse to let me up until I eat them all. That'll show me who's boss.

If I didn't want to write the blasted thing, why did I volunteer myself for it anyway? And when I volunteered myself, why didn't I tell me I already have too much on my plate and gracefully decline?

Because I'm a pushover who can't say no to anything (or any wedding proposal), that's why.

Or maybe it's because I'm so pushy and I won't take no for an answer. Not even from me. I can be a very intimidating woman. Just ask me. I'll tell you.


I'm gonna pull a Scarlet O'Hara and think about it tomorrow. For right now, I believe I have been completely successful at putting off what I wanted to put off. I totally have to do it tomorrow though or I'll have hell to pay when I find out the class is Saturday and I've not done it yet.

I can be such a task master.

Ooooh! This is too good.

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