Saturday, May 20, 2006

Here's to good friends. Last night was kinda special.

This chick has had a rough couple days. I had to drive nearly 5 hours south one day and then the same back the very next day. I wasn't loving it.

So when the evil red-headed Berta Lou asked me and someone else who has the same name as me to come drink something frozen and sit in her shiny new hot tub last night, can you get out your abacus and tell me how long it took me to get there?

I don't know how it is for men as I am not one (note the ovaries and boobs), but for women, friends are sometimes the only thing that stands between you and putting on a track suit and drinking the Kool-Aid.

Last night as we sat there being all girlie and decompressing, I wondered whether our nights out are very different from a boy's night out. As Deputy Pretty was recently describing... in way too much detail by the way... a boy's night out he had, I figure I have a frame of reference from which to compare and contrast

Girls: one or two pink, frozen drinks with paper flowers in them.
Boys: buckets of Crown Royal and enough beer to fill a wading pool.

Girls: sitting on a veranda in the evening air listening to good music.
Boys: "playing golf" (translation ~ driving a golf cart at Nascar speeds and occassionally hitting a ball.)

Girls: Pizza.
Boys: Pizza. Hot wings. Doritos. Burritos. Cigarettes. Chew. Something they found on the ground and blew the dirt off of.

Girls: Confiding.
Boys: Bragging.

Girls: Talking about boys.
Boys: Talking about boobs.

Girls: Making fun of boys.
Boys: Talking about boobs.

Girls: Swearing each other to secrecy.
Boys: Talking about boobs and then lying about who's boobs they've actually seen.

Girls: Sending text messages to other friends.
Boys: Drunk dialing.

Girls: Gerkins vs. Polska Kielbasas.
Boys: We all live in the make believe land of Polska Kielbasa.

Girls: Saying good-bye and let's do this again and coming home to snuggle up next to our Mr. Men.
Boys: Passing out and what was that chick's name and waking up on the bathroom floor next to their porcelain goddess.

It was a nice night out, kids and one this chick needed terrible. Now I must go and put on a cowboy hat for a fundraiser benefitting the American Cancer Society at my local Wal-Mart for many hours. Wonder what boys do the morning after their night out?

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