Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here you go.

It's Memorial Day weekend and I am doing things that are really not things at all. To put it in plain English, I am lazy. Crazy lazy.

The Big Dog is with his Dad at the lake doing Memorial things that involve boats and jet skis and Mr. Man is being crippled. What else is a girl to do but as much of nothing as she can legally get away with? I have actually resorted to filling my computer with even more music from old CD's I forgot I even owned. I seriously have a music problem for which I should probably see someone professionally.

As I'm busy doing nothing on my computer, feel free to read Plastic Flowers & Bundt Cakes, my Memorial Day post from way back in 2005.

Or not.

What am I listening to?

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Jami said...

Professional help is good ... as long as you're not seeing Yanni for professional help.

Sher said...

True that, Jami.