Monday, May 28, 2007

I was tagged by Marie to tell you eight things about Sher you've always wanted to know, but were too selfish to ask. If you are presently preparing to appear on Jeopardy to compete in the Sher Tournament, feel free to brush up on me with my 100 Things Cliff Notes.

OK then. Here are eight random facts about the OCD Chick.

1. If you could peek at the books lying around my house right now, among them you'd find "Personal Power", by Anthony Robbins; "How to Practice the Way," by the Dalai Lama;; "The Message Bible", by God and "Living Well With Hypothyroidism", by Mary J. Shomon. The last truly fantastic book I read was "Glass Castles", by Jeannette Walls.

2. Other than reading and/or listening to music, two of my favorite pastimes are playing games (board and mind) and sitting in my back yard burning stuff in my fire pit thing. I LOVE burning stuff. So much do I enjoy lighting things on fire, if arson were a little less illegal, I'd be a professional.

3. I used to be a jogger. I am now whatever the exact opposite of a jogger is. As my son is a crazy good runner, he is going to get Mom back on her game. Starting this week, we will be going to the track every morning where he will run and I will pretend to be getting ready to run just any minute.

4. I make a "living" doing several different things. I am a Realtor, which is sometimes great and sometimes makes me want to hide in the closet sucking my thumb. I also write and sell articles and press releases to and for various business people here, there and yonder. But, my mostest favorite job allows me to come up with creative ways to get people to do what I want them to do, such as spend money somewhere when they really didn't know they wanted to in the first place. Sometimes I use words to do that, sometimes I use events or media to do it and sometimes I use my incredible voodoo power.

5. Below is an example of where some of my love goes. (No...this is not Mr. Man.)
The guy on the right gets a lot of it. The white rapper with his tongue hanging out gets a smidgeon. (If I'm in a good mood and if Jack Black and I have spent a little time together.)

6. I enjoy being asked questions like this, "If you could cure cancer by killing one innocent person, would you do it?"

7. I L-O-V-E a good conspiracy theory! Nothing better. I'm all about who really killed JFK, Loose Change has me all a tingle and finding out who copied my son's Bebo page kept me awake last night.

8. I hate the smell of deer urine.
Sure, boy deer dig it something awful but female OCD Chicks aren't lovin' it....unless it is attached to the guy in the hat here. (That's right, kids. The infamous Deputy Pretty often smells like deer urine. Not sure if it's because he is a hunter or because he confuses it with his Musk Oil.)

Stevie Ray - Pride & Joy. He was the best.

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Stella said...

Oh sure, you can put a picture of Deputy Pretty in your blog and it's all good. But I try to put a picture in mine- one from the newspaper no less, even if I was just making fun of him- and he turns into a whiny baby and makes me take it down.

I'm loving the other picture, though.

TSG said...

I have returned from the city and am ready to resume my stalker duties. I am genuinely happy to be back. It is very quiet and peaceful here. The date went well. Your advice was good. Turns out I could have used a lot more. I met her son, a furciferous little dude. Got any advice.

EE said...

I love me a conspiracy theory, too!

Sher said...

He made you? He's not the boss of you. You want me to punish him? Perhaps we should plot together to teach him a lesson. I do have more pictures and he fears/loves/fears me enough not to mess with me.

Furciferous. Thank you for that. Advice? Sorry, Bubba. You're too long in the tooth to snag a woman with no kids. Ouch. Stung a little, huh? I'm sorry, TSG. Love is a tough business.

They're the best, huh? Love the Marilyn (Monroe, not Manson) and Princess Di stuff as well.

Catwoman said...

Oh the questions like the one you asked are my FAVORITES! And stupid impossibly hypothetical questions like 'If you were on a deserted island with two aliens and Robert Deniro and had to eat one of your limbs, what would you eat?" I drive Sweetie Pie crazy with these types of questions, but they fill me with such joy!

Nancy said...

Oh yea, the conspiracy theory ... I love that SHERlock puzzlement fun.

JFK? I vote for the LBJ theory.

Sher said...

I would defer to Deniro regarding which limb to eat. I would defer to Deniro regarding everything.

LBJ, huh? Since Castro and LBJ were as close as the Bushes are to Osama, you're probably right. I still say Osama is hiding somewhere in Texas... like in the Bush basement.

(I am really picking up this new Demorcrat thing quickly.)

fracas said...

So I read how many *other* posts and didn't see this one before I decided to put you on my list.


So I'll just consider it retroactive.

Still love the blog and the writing.