Sunday, September 09, 2007


Dear Sher,

Just so you'll know I'm still around, I wanted to send you the link to this tender ballad! What can I say. This guy could be from Arkansas. I used half a box of Kleenex myself, listening to it. Hope this will move me up the PHL. (potential husband list)

Dear TSG,

Thank heavens you are still stalking me. I was starting to feel a little unstalkable. That song was very romantical, by the way. Not enough to bump you up the PHL, but enough to keep me from bumping you down.

Dear Sher,

I laugh so loud and so hard when i read your blog I damn near pee. Good gog you should have a book. Do'nt give up.

Dear Chick who thinks gog is good and so am I,

The best compliment I ever get is that I've made someone pee. Would it kill you guys to maybe tell me I have a pretty smile once in awhile?

Dear Sher,

Your funny. just bumped into you.

Dear Short and sweet,


Dear Sher,

Where are you from in North Carolina?

Dear Person who gets a cookie for paying attention,

If I tell you where I'm from then that would put you one step closer to knowing my true identity and I can't risk that you might find my secret bat lair.

Ellenboro. The name of the town is Ellenboro.

Dear Sher,

I was reading that story you wrote about the vampire at the wedding and I have to tell you I've always had a thing for vampires also. You're great.

Dear Copier,

I also like werewolves. What's your stand on werewolves?

Dear Sher,

Hey, I was just checking out your blog, which is great. Since you seem to have an interest in OCD (as do a lot of people these days), I figured you might get drawn into this story, which appears in the new October issue of Details magazine(the one with Brad Pitt on the cover). I traveled to Texas a few weeks back to attend the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation's annual conference, so the piece is about both the event and the disorder.



Dear Large editor,

I seem to have an interest in it because I have it. When first I read it, your story made me cry. I'm in there. I live in that...every single freaking day. It's my life. I'm Smith, I'm Jeff, I'm Rick, I'm Cameron, I'm George and Dan. Thank you for your story and for emailing me. It's always a relief when I'm reminded I'm not splashing about out here all alone.

I'm too old to love this song right? Don't care. Love it terrible.

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TSG said...

While there was considerable disappointment here in Toad Suck at my failure to ascend the PHL, I have taken drastic measures and I feel these actions will surely have the desired effect. I can scarcely wait for you to check out my latest post.

Jaesoreal said...

I'm from winston-salem!!

Sher said...


I have almost never had a giant truck named after me. I'm moved. How's #11 sound?


SHUT UP! WS is the big city to us, though. You were in high cotton there.

TSG said...

OK, 11 is cool. My goal is to be in the top ten. I realize even then, I could be replaced by a vampire or a werewolf at any time. A crazy redneck with a chain saw just doesn't hold the same appeal.
Maybe...... if I had a cape....Naw

Sher said...


Woo-hoo! A cape! Totally get a cape.

Jami said...

DANG! You hot southern Baptist chicks have it all! Not just a stalker, you get a redneck stalker with his own chain saw AND willing to get a cape! I am so envious.