Sunday, November 25, 2007

Toast takes time. Good toast anyway.

Dear Sher,

You don't know me but your blog is a Google Whack. I searched "Gergantiunation Toad" and your blog was the Whack! Google Whacking is a game that you play using Google. You enter two completely random words and if the page has those two certain words on it and you get a result of 1 - 1 out of 1 you've found yourself a Google Whack! It's very difficult though, yours is one of 3 that I've ever got :-D

Dear Guy who uses words like Gergantiunation,

I can die now. I don't want to, but I could if I wanted. Did you hear that universe? I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!

Dear Sher, know I love you!!!!

Dear Conway Twitty,

Of course you do. Don't be ridiculous. I am entirely lovable and everybody knows it.

Dear Sher,

I love your blog! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not crazy.

Dear Crazy,

But you are. Anyone who feels like they aren't, is. Not my rules.

Dear Sher,

I feel like we're sisters or something because we're so much alike.

Dear Chick who has been married a zillion times, has OCD and a nose that is too small for her face,

Can I borrow your red leather pants? I know you have some.

Dear Sher,

Where are you?

Dear CSI Scranton,

Don't worry. I'm still around. I'm just spending all my time stalking Michael Buble and eating toast. I have a very full life.

Dear Sher,

I know TSG is on your get married list, but how do I get on there?

Dear Guy I now have to marry someday because he asked,

Here is the one and only rule for getting me to marry you: Ask. I never say no to a marriage proposal. You can be extremely old, incredibly ugly, broke, mean, dim-witted and recently declared criminally insane by the state of Wisconsin and I will still marry you. The only catch is that I will probably not stay married to you for very long. I become bored in about the same amount of time it takes for the wedding cake to get stale.

PS: What's my new last name gonna be anyway?


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Flutterby said...

You do know you blew your *do nothig constructive today* by answering email, don't you? And I had such high hopes for you today.. sigh...

Sher said...

Stupid me.

Jami said...

I can NOT believe that you have red bowling stilettos but no matching leather pants! What? You just went to the bowling alley in your panties? (Please tell me that you at least have matching panties. OK - they don't have to be leather, just red.)