Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ten Things You'd Better NOT Do at Christmas.

Christmas is the very bestest day in the whole year. The bestest.

However, this past week I've heard some things here, there and yonder that lead me to believe I need to offer some helpful holiday hints to those of you who are apparently festive-challenged and are therefore threatening to ruin it for the kid in all of us.

Ten Things You'd Better NOT Do at Christmas:

10. I heard a woman say that each year she individually wraps batteries to look like pretty rolls of candy and drops them in the kids' stockings. If there is a Christmas hell, she's going there. Don't do that.

9. Children under the age of fifty do not want pajamas for Christmas. Even pajamas that have penguins sledding with Santa on the front. Don't do that.

8. Lemon drops are not a Christmas candy and should never be put in a stocking, holiday dish or anywhere else a child might confuse it for real Christmas candy. Neither are cough drops...even the kind that taste like candy. Don't do that.

7. Shiny pennies, dimes, or quarters are not gifts. Ever. Don't do that.

6. Toys from the Dollar Store are not just as good as the "real thing" no matter how much money you are saving or how loudly you say it while having lunch with your friends. All children know this. Don't do that.

5. Just because those boxers are stuffed in a pretend beer can does not mean the brain of the guy opening them is somehow tricked by the Coors logo into thinking he is popping the top on a real beer can. It's still underwear. Don't do that.

4. If you currently have a fruitcake with a bow on it that is meant as a gift for someone in your life, I will assume you are trying to get them out of your life. Don't do that.

3. Teddy bears dressed in Christmas outfits are the devil. No child has ever put one in their Dear Santa letter. Don't do that.

2. Vests, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, T-shirts and any other piece of apparel that is emblazoned with a Christmas theme is not OK. Who wants a gift they can use for all of one day? Don't do that.

1. If more than anything in life little Johnny wants a race track that comes in one-thousand easy to assemble pieces and little Susie wants a doll house that you know you are going to have to spend eighteen straight hours putting together, don't buy them Twister because it's more logical and they can't lose the pieces. Logic has no place Christmas morning and kids shouldn't have to deal with logic anyway until at least puberty. Don't do that.

My Christmas wish for all of you is that on Christmas Eve, when you go to bed and snuggle under the covers, that wonderful feeling of hope you had when you were six washes over you and makes it hard to sleep.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and much love,


Enjoy the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My very, very favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including that clip! I absolutely love TSO. Even when I'm having a bad day in the middle of July I will pop in Christmas Eve in Sarejavo and blast it. They are the BEST!
Have a wonderful Christmas my dear Sher.

Flutterby said...

Well... stocking stuffers from the Dollar Tree are STILL the best, lol. My grandkids had a BLAST yesterday with everything I got them from there; especially the bright green and orange fuzzy floppy hats... but maybe I just have weird grandkids. And glow sticks... tubes of 15 glowsticks. They were more excited about those than anything else.

Blog Starr said...

If more people followed your good rules, the joy would be back in the holidays. Keep on preachin!