Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh 2009. You're such a sassy bitch.

As you know if you've been reading WTCOMF for any length of time, I stopped blogging for nearly a whole year. After writing here since 2004, Blogger and I broke up and I vowed not to look back.

Only I did look back because I missed it awful. For me writing has always been about as important as food and water. I'm fond of saying it's my therapy.

I stopped blogging for many reasons, not the least of which was having my columns stolen again and again by women who honestly had the audacity to simply change a few words and pass them off as their own. That makes me hot - and not in a good way. Because what I write is my life essentially, it always feels as though these people are stealing some of what makes me who I am.

(Let's all take a moment to put a voodoo curse on each and every one of them.)

Another reason I gave up blogging was because turning out humor exclusively didn't feel real to me.

I am essentially a humor writer. That's a fact. I like to laugh and I see the funny in most situations. I like people who can make me laugh and I like the feeling writing something funny gives me. It's a purely selfish endeavor.

But that's not all of who I am and I'm to the point now in this fresh and sassy 2009 (which I personally have declared the year of the female bloggers) where I want to be whatever I want to be, whenever I want to be. And that, my darlings, will include this blog. Sometimes you'll think I'm funny and other times, you'll think I'm drunk.

That's OK with me. Especially since I am typically one or the other - and sometimes both.

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Flutterby said...

I know exactly how you feel. I loved my blog. Mostly it was a great outlet for frustrations that I really couldn't dump elsewhere. But it was also nice for sharing everything else. Things went a little downhill around here for me a couple days before New Years and I realized my blog was about to turn into a giant pity party and I couldn't see any end to it. Things are looking up a bit... just going to take time. I saved my blog... just changed the address and I can change it back when I want to come back.

I am glad you are blogging again. I have missed you.

And I wish I'd known your MIL... I need to remember that as well. "There is no some day..." I've also got a 15 yr old daughter who may have finally realized that for herself as well. Time will tell.

Sher said...

If you need to vent, Flutter, you know my email address. I'm a good listener.

Jami said...

Will there be little flags or color-coded alert levels so we'll know if we're dealing with humor or serious or drunk or alien abduction aftermath or something else?

Jami said...

BTW, my capcha code on that previous post was "joyade" - or as we refer to it at my house, tequila!

Sher said...

Jami - A color coded flagging system is a very worthwhile idea. Brilliant.

Oh... and I LOVE joyade, too! I don't know why I can't have joyade for breakfast.