Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Envy

Watching Ryan Seacrest high-five a blind guy last night made me laugh out loud and ask my Yorkies, "Did you see that?".

That makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

I'll tell you what else makes me a bad person: blog envy. I'll admit it. I often suffer from B.E. several times a week. When I'm cramping, at least eight times a week.

The Bloggess
makes me truly laugh out loud and not that fake LOL stuff that I text people when they think they've sent me something clever. She's funny in a way I can't even wrap my brain around and that makes me hate her in a very sweet, not gonna kill her and stuff her head in my trunk kind of way.

From way back in 2003, I've had major B.E. for Donna at So-Cal Mom for many reasons. In fact, I've told her for years that I'm going to write a book called, "Why I'm Jealous of Donna Schwartz Mills". She's one of those Power Mom Bloggers we all hear about, although she'll modestly tell you that she's not. Donna once worked for the Johnny Carson show, she's tossed back a beer with Bono, she has her hand in countless things, somehow manages to write for several blogs - and is successful in a way that impresses me - although once again she'll tell you she's not.

But don't listen to her. We've established she's a drinker.

And as long as I'm talking about B.E., I can't leave out Kristi Schiller at Diary of a Playdate Dropout. What to say about Kristi?

Well, she's blond and gorgeous and rich. Those three things alone make me want to punch her in the eye... and I mean that in sweetest, most Christian way. Although that would be enough to make me envy her, in the interest of truth in blogging, I have to tell you that she's also very nice and very "down home" when you get to know her. I love her blog because it allows a poor, white trash Southern woman to live vicariously through her. (Yes, I am the poor, white trash Southern woman. Just ask the cops who show up at my trailer court every Friday night.)

So those are a few of my B.E. obsessions. What about you? Any B.E. you wanna tell me about?

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Donna said...

Blog Envy? Too many to list! I'd give anything to be as funny as YOU.

Thank you for the shout-out, sweetie. I do think you're seriously deluded, but it works for you. :)

Elizabeth said...

Totally obsessed with (since the day it was published) and my new absolute favorite is Rebecca Woolf ( She's great.

Sher said...

Donna - that's exactly what my second husband said to me when he proposed. "I do think you're seriously deluded, but it works for you."

Elizabeth - I know you're a Dooce girl - but I admit I don't always get her appeal. I'll check out Rebecca Wolf. I LOVE finding new blogs.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You can stuff my head in your trunk as long as the rest of me is there too. Also I need some gin and a bowl of green m&m's. It's in my rider.

Sher said...

Jenny - nothing but the best for your head.

Jami said...

Total B.E. here for I am Bossy

Blogger with Ocd said...

Hi! Thanks for inadvertently introducing me to copyscape! I was here reading your blog and I saw the icon at the bottom. I'm a new blogger and I wondered if anything like this existed!

Thanks again.

Sher said...

Jami - thanks for the B.E. link. I'm headed there now.

Blogger with OCD - You are very welcome. Now go wash your hands 21 times. My blog is very germy.

Brandy Rose said...

Oh the Bloggess, I swoooooonnnn!