Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Even from my death bed I'm calling Dooce out

Late to the game? Here's Vlog One and Vlog Two to catch you up. (Sounds like characters in a Dr. Seuss book.) Don't know who my arch enemy Dooce is? Definitely do not go to to find out.

Play the SHER DRINKING GAME with all your homies. Every time I scratch my nose or look like I may in fact stick my finger right in it; every time I say "situation", or "going on", or "sumpin' like that", EVERYBODY DRINKS. Wake the kids 'cause it's fun for the whole family!

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Anonymous said...

The vlog is great. I hope "Dooce"(never seen her) is getting the message. I think maybe you should hold the match in Toad Suck. We can whip up a cage in no time. You might even get Beech-Nut to sponsor it.

I'm going to be absent for awhile.


Sher said...

TSG - Good idea, that. Beech Nut would be an excellent sponsor.

Absent awhile? Did you land yourself in the hole again? You've seriously got to stop pissing off the guards.