Saturday, May 02, 2009

Suck it Dooce

That's right kids. Sher's first vlog. Please try to contain your joy. Also please refrain from harsh judgments of any kind. Yes - I look like your Grandma. Yes - I inadvertently cut off the video pretty much in the middle of a sentence. Yes - I look like I'm wearing a purple mom-moo. But it's my first. It's just like junior prom all over again.

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!You are like my new hero. Not that that means a great deal to you but you are! I love you! I thought that I was the only person IN THE WORLD that did not like Dooce!

I have to make you cookies or something!

Sher said...

White chocolate with Macadamia nuts are my fave.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

My goodness you are cute. I'd vote for you any day over dooce. You don't even have to challenge her to a duel, that would mean you are in competition with her. I wouldn't give her the time of day.
cute vlog! wahoo!

Sher said...

Annie - can a 45 year old woman be cute? I thank you deeply for the compliment and in taking my side in the Sher vs. Dooce war. I promise to spare you when I take over the internet.

Cher said...

I enjoyed you vlog. It did clear up a misconception of mine. I thought vlogs were blogs by virgins. If you're doing 'em, that ain't true!

Oh, don't get your panties in a knot! I'm kidding. I'm on my fourth husband my own bad self!

The Texas Woman

Sher said...

Cher - How you know I'm not a virgin? I said I get married a lot. I didn't say nothing 'bout doing the do a lot. And those kids of mine? I coulda stole 'em from a hospital when they were newborns.

Jeez. Benefit of the doubt next time.

TSG said...

I must say I'm impressed with your vlog.

Once the festivities (and the constant rain) have subsided I will post a proper response. I have much to tell.

I didn't know what a Dooce was but regarding the cage match, my sister Annalyse, to whom you have forever endeared yourself with your remarks regarding to her name, is willing, no make that eager, to give you a few lessons. Remember she is over six feet tall and a logger 'nuff said. shortly I may post a photo for 1 day only. She scares me a little too.

Bunnies are cute. You on the other hand are stunningly gorgeous. (we won't tell PJ)


Sher said...

... says the guy who never sees anyone but loggers. Love the can of Whoop Ass BTW.

Don't forget to email me when the pic is up. I need to know who to watch for in dark alleys.