Monday, June 15, 2009

The Dooce Hatched & Now I Need a Baby

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Grade School Rocks said...
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Dijea said...

You don't need a baby - you need a puppy. Puppies are WAY cooler than babies.

TSG said...

I thought I had your problem solved. In LR they have a "Toys R Us" store and next to it is a "Babies R Us". I stopped in to buy you a couple or even three or four. I thought how much can they cost? If I had one I'd give it away. Well they threw me out! Threatened to call the law. You learn something every day.

Anyway, you remember the "little dude" don't you? He's coming for three weeks, and if you'd like you can have him for two weeks. Let me know. I'd even deliver him.

Hey, you be nice to Annalyse now. She's watching and reading this stuff.

BTW I think you look great in the latest vlog.


Sher said...

Dijea - Yes they are. Agreed. However, a puppy is not going to allow me to overtake Dooce. I needs me a baby.

TSG - Thank you for trying Honey. I know I can always count on you to have my back. (Hi Annalyse. Please don't kill me.)

Dijea said...

I find The Bloggess a much better influence and someone I strive to be.

And no that's not sarcasm, that's truth. Shh, don't tell Dooce.

Sher said...

I concur. The Bloggess is all kinds of good. I won't tell Dooce, but I certainly encourage you to.

Up2DaRack said...

Can't help you with the baby thing, but maybe I can hook you up with a gaggle of really old and mean Italian grandmothers who can use their gypsy-like powers, along with a few garlic cloves, to put a curse on Dooce.

Sher said...

That would be beyond awesome. I've always wanted to be Italian, BTW. Well ever since I saw Moonstruck.

Shannon said...

I have three, you can borrow all of them if you like. They're driving me crazy today. The littlest was up 6 times last night with the "feed me" routine. Six time. Ridiculous. You could totally out do Dooce with three. And none of them are named donette either.

TSG said...

One of the loggers (young guy) named his twins Camaro and Charger.
Maybe you could borrow them.
Then you could out Dooce her.

You know it's true 'cause even you couldn't make up stuff like that.
He really did.

Sher said...

Shannon - I do not like babies/toddlers/preteens/teenagers. There's the rub. Can I just have pictures of them and tell everyone I birthed them?

TSG - Camaro & Charger? Stripper names if I ever heard any.