Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well at least my head won't fall off, so that's good. - She don't, but Sher do.

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Mel said...

I will be sending you a check ASAP, it will be a big check and by big I mean like Happy won after each golf tournament. Enjoy! Oh yeah and if the bank actually cashes one of my checks you must split the proceeds with me.

Sher said...

I anxiously await your check. If the bank won't accept it, I'll take it to Wal-Mart. Maybe they'll cash it.

Anonymous said...

I tried to slip your name in on the payroll so you could get a check every week but that didn't work. Anyway, you would have to come in and pick it up. I thought maybe we could mail it out, but you really wouldn't want Anna to have your address.

Tidewaterbound said...

Um, I'm not rich or know anyone who least you have curtains for heaven's sake. But I can send you a kitten and for a change of pace, how about I mail you a case of Ramen noodles?

Sher said...

TSG- You're the boss, aren't you? Whaddya mean you can't mail me a check? You best get to embezzling son.

Tide- Keep the kitty; send the Ramen. I could use a change.

Annalyse said...

Yeah, she curtains, but why is she wearing them?

Sher said...

Analease - I wear them because I am POOR!!!!

Up2DaRack said...

Sher, I just got off the phone with someone famous - he's the assistant manager of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe lawn mower repair shop. I told him to chat you up with all his customers. Heck he gets at least 12 or 13 old timers in the shop each month!

As you know, I'm in finance, an industry that is not in good graces lately. So I went to the bank to borrow some money to tide you over until you're famous, but they laughed their asses off at the idea that I thought a bank would actually have any money. I then decided to pan-handle on your behalf - selling pencils from a tin cup on the street corner. But a roving gang of unemployed investment bankers and hedge fund managers beat me up and ran off with the $2.12 I worked so hard to raise. I'll think of something else tomorrow - I promise!

Hard times funny lady! Hard times.

Sher said...

Up2Da - I cannot thank you enough for trying to drone up some fame and fortune for me.

Not for nothing- but could you please not mention you're in finance when you come to my blog? I try to run a nice place here and I don't want any rioting.


kjax said...

Sher, I got this letter earlier today. I think it could really help!

Dear (for our purposes) Sher,

My name is BLAHBLAHBLAH from Nigeria. I need your help desperately. I need to move my $50brazillion dollars out of corrupt Nigeria government bank lending shops. This money was left to me by my father's brother's great aunt's left arm's brother. If you can help, I will split my finances with you.

Please send me your name, address, bank account number, credit card number, driver card, shoe size and hair sample and we will immediately get to moving the moneys around.

You will not regret this. I think.

Much love.


(It's comments like this that make you not let us send anony comments, huh?)

Sher said...

kjax - Well darling. As I live and breathe. And to think you returned to share your Nigerian wealth with me. It's just too sweet.

Ummm - exactly how many US Dollars is 50brazillion dollars anyway?

Jen Safrey said...


If I knew even one famous person, I'd call for you. In college, I took a photojournalism class and one of the actual assignments was to take a photo of a famous person. I was like, are you kidding? This is Boston. Famous people don't hang out here. In desperation, I went to see Mike Wallace give a talk and took a picture of him as he wiped his glasses with a cloth.
And Pauly Shore stepped on my foot once, and I accidentally on purpose bumped my shoulder into Bernie Woolley, the trainer of Mine That Bird, at the Belmont Stakes.
If I get anywhere with any of these people, I swear to God I'll hook you up.

Jen Safrey said...

And can I say that the word verification code for that comment was "prock"? Google is just so sick.

Sher said...

Jen - please put a call into Pauly Shore and Mike Wallace at your earliest convenience. I'll take whatever I can get.

Thanks for reading!!!