Thursday, June 04, 2009

Live! From the Ghetto!

Today's vlog is the very last one kids, so point and laugh as much as you can one more time. I may return at some point in the far away future to vlog about something wicked exciting - like time travel or winning the lottery - but barring that - we're all kinds of done with the videos. Thanks for coming to see them and please come say hi to me at xoxo


This just in: Some of you - sort of a lot of you - have said NO on stopping the vlogs. I'm ten kinds of conflicted. Tell me what you think at humorwriter at gmail dot com. (Unless it's mean and then keep that shit to yourself.)

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Smythe Livingston said...

Too bad. TSG will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Yep, It's true. I already miss you!
Come back!

Sher said...

I love you boys. You know it's true.