Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Octomom and Kate Gosselin - You Think Your Vajiminies are Magic?

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Flutterby said...

oooo... if I post that I want to see her oh... say... take a fucking flying leap into a volcano....

Sher said...

Git 'er Flutter.

Shannon said...

Hey Sher, Michelle got me hooked to your vlogs :) Love them!

I gotta say though, their vajiminies aren't even close to being magic! Apparently when you have a 20 billion kids they just cut them out of your stomach and give you a free tummy-tuck later. Wow, that's reality! I better stop there...keep vlogging!

Sher said...

You know, you're right. They never pass through the vajiminy, do they?

Dammit. I still think she thinks hers is all kinds of magic though.

Anonymous said...

Cara Mia,
The Vlog Just Keeps Getting Better, and Funnier!

Sher said...

Oh Gomez TSG - You always know just what to say.

Why aren't you visiting me on Erma as well? If you're my one true stalker, shouldn't you stalk me no matter where I roam?

Anonymous said...

I'll consider visiting, just for you though.

You know how those cute rich girls hate people like me. You Know....WTWM