Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Air Conditioner is All Squishy.

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Up2DaRack said...

Aw shucks! Now I'm all squishy 'cause I was going to send a voicemail message and you called BS on me! Dang it! I sure hope you'll continue to do this - I'm gonna need lots of advice and stuff.

Oh BTW, what frozen vegetables do you recommend to stay cool?


Tidewaterbound said...

whine, whine, whine...it's gonna go from soggy wet with NO sunshine to blistering humidity cuz you sent the heat this way.

I don't think I did the voicemail thingy right. Never fear, I think you'll have some takers soon!

Now was that a bag of frozen peas? At least you didn't have'em on your boobs!

Tidewaterbound said...

Was that a bag of frozen peas? Did you melt them? At least they weren't on your momma-milk-duds.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could go out with us for a day! It's really great out here in this heat. The sawdust sticks to your face and arms but it keeps the bugs away. I wish someone would bring me a bag or two of frozen peas to cool me off.

No one but you could wear a bag of peas and look that good!

Anonymous said...
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