Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Sher - Saving one dumb ass Governor at a time

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Tidewaterbound said...

Amazing the troubles these people have. It's a good thing you are here to set them straight. Sounds like feast or famine.

Eric said...

Jeez...Sher, if you had only posted this vlog years ago it would have saved me many years in trial and error on the marriage and divorce thing..(so far I've been a do-it-yourself-er) I've decided to move to Utah and get settled in at the compound so I can marry and divorce about 17 or so of 'em at once and cut the time span down a little, cause hey, I ain't got all day.

Up2DaRack said...

Wow! Eric is right - too bad this wasn't available lots sooner. I mean, think of the countless sums so many folks spent on trial and error, or years wasted in therapy. Boggles the mind when you think about it.

LOL - funny stuff!

TSG said...

Cara Mia,
Of course, I have much to learn, and I have often benefited from your advice in the past. So perhaps I could suggest something?
If you follow my advice and conduct your next 3 Funny Chicks meeting here in TS with TSG,
even the Texas Chicks will go home with enough material for a lifetime of funny stories. They will be changed and possibly irreparably damaged, but they will have stories. I could guarantee that. Who knows, you-all may not want to leave.