Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sher vs. The Mammogram - Part One

Want me to verse stuff? Send me an email and I'll verse the hell out of it.

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Up2DaRack said...

Sher, would you like a stick of gum? Heck, would you like a pack of gum? Oh hell, I'll give you a whole case, if only... I'd hang around for more but, well, I should listen to you and go look at porn now.

OK, this must be some kind of mystical omen, but the Google word for verification is "nocker pair!" LOLOLOL!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'd like to thank them for all of the milk they supplied me with - thank you very much for the nutrients and antibodies etc.

Anonymous said...


I see you have mastered the art of inserting text into your vlog. You don't need to verse that. You do need to verse Kipper. Still.

Erma #3

Sher said...

Up2Da - Bring it on.

Kitten - To clarify- you are my daughter. I don't want readers to think I just randomly supplied milk.

Ry - I do. I really do.