Monday, August 03, 2009

A little new Bruce helped.

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Matt - mmWine said...

Honey, you lost me at "Brokeback Husband" .. I couldnt hear a damned thing over the laughing after that.

Did you get the lady bug cane?

Sher said...

LOL - it's all the wine Matt. Nope, not the lady bug cane. I sprung for what Bruce called the Cadillac of canes. It's a bronze color and apparently is quite the chick magnet.

Up2DaRack said...

I was gonna say that getting Mr. Man the chick-magnet cane might make him Brokeback for good. But as I think about it, getting him the ladybug cane makes him Brokeback as well. What a dilemma!

Tidewaterbound said...

Poor, poor Broke-back, if you didn't get the lady-bug cane, you never told us which one you actually bought. Hope he's better soon...but MORE WINE woman, more WINE!