Saturday, August 01, 2009

You can tell anyone you want. It's no secret.

{My sister-in-law who said I can't post her pic. What you gonna do about it now, woman?}

I'm home and I don't feel one bit funny and I don't care who knows it. I spent my vacation with a husband in agony; a father in misery and nothing but a bottomless banana pudding to comfort me.

I swear to you funny could smack me right up side the head and I wouldn't even laugh. On the contrary. I'd likely respond with a swift kick straight to funny's junk. Why not? Funny started it.

I'm exhausted; I weigh roughly 980978 pounds; I have odd itchy places all over me; and my husband's back injury means the fast track to poverty for us.

Stupid fast track.

Tomorrow, once I've had a chance to breathe in and out and unpack at least 1/12th of what I over-packed, I hope to return to make you at least chortle if not a full on shoot soda out your nose laugh.

I heart you guys. Don't get too impressed. I sorta heart everyone. It's how I do.

PS: If you wanna be in my vlogs, send me a 10 second or shorter video clip of you asking me any question you want - relationship, pet psychic, you name it. If I use your clip you will get diddly, except my awesome appreciation and a mention to your own site if you have one.


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