Monday, October 19, 2009

Midlife Road Trip Show

This is where I've been lately, kids:

I've never wanted anything more than I want this - so I hope my precious readers and vlog viewers will pull for me. You have all supported me SO MUCH over the years and encouraged me to shoot for the stars.

Well - the Midlife Road Trip is my star.

I'll still be here on Wiping the Crazy off My face - no doubt about it. But I hope that you guys who've been so lovely to me over the years will support me in this new venture - and that you'll cross all your fingers and toes and do whatever voodoo you can - so that I might have a shot at making this dream my reality.

I love you and we'll talk again soon!

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Tidewaterbound said...

I'm always rooting for you Sher with much love!

Anonymous said...

My wish is that your dreams come true, and you achieve satisfaction and happiness.

Sher said...

Tide & TSG - you are two of my favorites. I absolutely appreciate your gift of supporting me all these years. I'm not going anywhere - just gotta make room in my life for writing, vlogging & the road trip.


Dawn said...

Crossed fingers, toes, eyes, bridges. Cross-stitched it on a pillow and crossed it off my to-do-list. Bought a cross, hot-crossed buns, and a cross-bow to shoot however stand in your way. Gotcha' covered darling. Much Love.

Sher said...

Thank you, Dawn. That was straight up awesomeness.