Sunday, October 04, 2009

No one would blame me.

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Miss Attitude said...

I'm all for having amnesia.. sounds like a plan to me as long as you don't forget you want to come back to Tampa again to visit ;-)

I know it will be a long recovery, but I'm glad your son is feeling better. *HUGS*

Up2DaRack said...

Does this mean I should stop figuring out how to peel M&M's and start raising bail money right away?

Tidewaterbound said...

I like the amnesia angle, it's perfect without any messy or awkward explanations.

Oh, and Phil, raise the bail and don't forget to bring the Makers Mark with you....hehehhee

StaZ said...

I love you you crazy bitch. I just love you. God bless ya. : )

Sher said...

Thanks StaZ! I'm sure I love you, too.