Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eyes on the road, Mr.

Today I totally exposed one of my girls. Accidentally, of course.

While leaving Wal-Mart I was the victim of a freak coin accident. Through a series of twists and turns and a little twitch, a shiny dime landed in my bra. A cold, shiny dime to be more specific.

As I was driving, it became clear to me that said cold coin was going to have to come out or it was likely I was going to crash my car. Without thinking, I stuck my free hand down my sweater and began rooting around for it.

It was in the act of rooting that I found I needed to go lower than first anticipated and completely without forethought or malice, I popped her out. For the first time, one of the twins was having a look at the world at 45 MPH out the driver's side window of my Ford.

Given her precarious future at the moment, I think she deserved it. I almost hated to put her back.

Just as I was contemplating letting her have a few more minutes of freedom, I found I was neck and neck with a sedan to my right. Inside was a Dad, a baby and a Mom and all three were looking at me. In fairness, Dad was more leering than looking.

So in the interest of public safety, I put her away as quickly as I could. If she's a big girl at the doctor's appointment tomorrow, I've promised I'll let her drive home

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