Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sher, Sherri, Sherita, Shurry, Cheryl, Sharon, Sadie Mae

Dear Sher,

Is your real name Sherry or Sher?

Dear Person who went there (and misspelled my name),

My birth certificate says I was born Sherri Lynn. Apparently my Mother was a member of the "Name Your Daughter Sherri Lynn" club because at that time every third girl in America was also named Sherri Lynn. I hated the name always because I never felt like a Sherri Lynn. I knew I was a Sadie or a Collette trapped in a Sherri body.

My Mother always called me Sher Bear, which stuck with lots of people over the years. Given a choice, I liked Sher better than Sherri for no good reason really. People don't mispronounce Sher, but as you can see by the title of this post, they frequently mispronounce Sherri and in some of the most bizarre ways. There you have it then. Mystery solved.

Dear Sher,

I happened to stumble in to your site.I am from India. Let me just say your work is the most hilarious I have read in recent times. You truly have a flair for comedy.
Write away Ma'am. I am your fan :).

Dear Sexually ambiguous writer from India,

As you didn't sign your name, I have no idea whether you are male or female. That's a problem for me because as you may or may not know, when a man says something like you just said I am immediately in crazy love with them and have an overwhelming desire to marry them, produce offspring and then later leave them because they blew their nose too loud.

Dear Sher,

"Unconscious" is a delightfully refreshing indie film that we feel you and your blog audience will be very interested in hearing about. The film questions sexual taboos in Barcelona in the early 20th century, yet resonates with a modern sensibility. Hypnosis, love, danger and every imaginable taboo are intertwined.

Since we feel this movie is of interest to your particular audience, we’d love it if you could post the trailer to your site and/or talk a bit about the movie.

Dear Person who had me at "sexual taboos",

I am so delightfully refreshed right now, I can't even tell you. I have always personally questioned sexual taboos in Barcelona in the early 20th century and longed for a flick that would address my questions with a modern sensibility. Let's see what my readers think about it, shall we?

Oh wait a minute! You sent me a link and yet told me not to put the link on my blog. While I do practice mind control techniques at home, I'm not sure whether my powers are solid enough yet to direct my readers to do what I want, but I'll try.

This is me trying. Even though you can't see me, rest assured I am making a scrunched up face and wiggling my eyebrows in hopes that my readers will get the URL I am sending them.

One more thing - Are hypnosis, love, danger and every imaginable taboo French words for porn?

Sher, hon',

I absolutely LOVE your new picture! And you look good in it, too. ;-

Dear anonymous person whose real name is Jami,

Thank you, Darlin.

Dear Sher,

I just wanted to tell you that we went to the kickoff of Michael Buble's tour in Reno two weeks ago. It was great. I hope you get a chance to catch it. Keep up the good work.

Dear hateful, hateful person,

I hate you. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

I hate you.

Incredibly Jealous in Seattle

This, Gentle Readers, is the ONLY time my first name has ever been cool. Imagine my insane joy when this one came out.

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Jami said...

Dear Share,

Yur welkum.

Diesel said...

I like the picture too.

How come you never stop by any more? Was it something I said?

Sher said...

Now you've done it.

Hey Diesel!

I have no excuse. Well no good one anyway. I'm on my way right this minute.

Diesel said...

Sher - No worries. I'm just glad I didn't piss you off. :)

Jami said...

You know, I just thought the first time I did it, it would be ... well, special.

Sher said...


I'm not easily pissed off, Sporty Spice. And even when I get that way, I'm over it in ten minutes. Not a grudge holder.

PS: I am however way lazy when it comes to getting around the net like I should. I pledge to do better.

You crack me up.

Pamela Kay Morgan said...

How true. You're about the same age as my much, much younger sister and her name is Sherry. However, her middle name is Ann.