Saturday, March 14, 2009

That was some kinda scare

As you know, I asked some of my boy toys to answer a few innocent questions for me so that I might do important work by studying their answers. I've always seen myself as somewhat of a social scientist. Of course I've also always seen myself as twenty-one and gorgeous.

Thus the saying, "sometimes you can't believe your own eyes."

So as I was kicked back in the recliner enjoying a fabulous dinner of Viactiv and Diet Dr. Pepper, I began reading through the answers that have been returned to me.

Holy testosterone y'all. I'm so in love with this, I can't even tell you.

Although all the data is not in yet because some of them are oddly fearful of what I am going to do with their info (and their manlies), I have to tell you that some of the stuff I'm reading has made me laugh so hysterically, the Yorkies went and stood by the back door so they could go outside where women don't laugh like longshoremen.

I don't even know what that means but in my head, longshoremen laugh very loudly. I suspect it has something to do with their proximity to the shore. And that they're long and all.

I'm reaching now.

Some of it is funny intentionally. Some of it is funny because it is so beyond insane to me how men think. But some of it is even funnier still because the writer has no idea how hysterical it is.

My favorite quote so far? "I showered for two hours just to get the scare off me".

I love men. When I'm rich I'm gonna own tons of them.

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Tidewaterbound said...

Sher you are braver than me...asking any current 'man' now 30 years as of tomorrow for our first date -- well, that would be scary.

Let's see, I'll med him up extra and ASK him. He has to be nice, he's weak and disabled, I might not help him bathe or dress.

(I'm so evil)

Bet I get a good recommedation, I could withhold food, and he knows it.


Pattylicious said...

That is awesome. That is so awesome that I am going to find away to incorporate that into everyday life.

As always, it is a pleasure to read your blog.

Flutterby said...

I have one... Jorge my cabana boy. Hub calls him the pool guy but I think cabana boy sounds so much more chic and it makes a couple of my neighbors pea green with envy. I guess hub really thinks that all Jorge does is clean the pool. I hope hub lets me be the one to hire a new gardener too... but I bet he calls him the yard guy.