Monday, June 01, 2009

Hey Brian Dennehy - No Means No!

Today's crazy is brought to you by It's 100% gluten free.

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Tidewaterbound said...

Okay, can we make money if we call a cage match, trot out a pony, and set the cage on fire?

Can we do that from home? It's kinda long distance, but what the ... hay, no that's for the pony. YOU keep the pony, they BITE. LOL

Wharf Rat said...

Intercourse :1: connection or dealings between persons or groups
2: exchange especially of thoughts or feelings : communion
3: physical sexual contact between individuals that involves the genitalia of at least one person

Ah em.. You are having intercourse with everyone that watches your VLOG. That doesnt' help with the eye bags.

Just think - you can use McDonalds old slogin. "Millions and millions served"

Sher said...

Wharf Rat - I feel so flattered. You think I've "served" millions and millions on this blog? From your lips to God's ears baby.

Wharf Rat said...

From two to millions. I am leaving room for growth.

Mickey D had to start someplace.

Sher said...

Growth is good. Starting someplace is good.

I'll take it.