Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who is Sherri Bailey? I'm almost sure no one wants to know.

Because a little bit of press is coming my way, I'm trying to manage my online presence to be sure I am Sherri Bailey everywhere I need to be. Not OCD Chick. Not Sher Bailey. Not Navin R. Johnson. When and if anyone searches for Sherri Bailey, I need them to find me.

So I was asking myself today what it is exactly I want people to know about Sherri Bailey? That's kind of a big question actually because it assumes that I myself know something about Sherri Bailey. I'm not at all sure that I really do.

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Not about Sherri Bailey, mind you, but about yourself? When I stopped and gave sincere thought to who Sherri Bailey is, I realized three very important things:

  1. My parents had no creativity whatsoever. It's my firm belief they realized every 3rd house in my small town had a child named Sherri, and felt it would be best not to buck the system.
  2. Because I have OCD, I HATE the number that falls between 5 & 7 so much so that I try never to use it. How is it I only just realized today that Sherri has that number of letters and so does Bailey? I feel I should douse myself in holy water, but I was raised a Southern Baptist and the closest thing we have would be what comes out of the faucet at Uptown Baptist Church.
  3. I suck at sincere thought.
Tell you what. When I figure out who the heck Sherri Bailey is, I'll be sure and let you know. Until then, as you were. (Unless you were doing something germy in which case, you should go wash your hands.)

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Dawn said...

Things I know about Sherri Baily:

1) She always carries extra fake eyelashes in case of emergency or impromptu weddings.

2) She is a daredevil of the first order.

3) She should be sponsored by Purell. And your local pharmacist.

4) She is an awesome mama. No snarky comment here, just the facts, ma'am.

5)She is the willing minion of two furry dictators and loves them anyway.

6) She has friends. In spades.

7) She has given us all permission to wear stilletos to Wal-Mart.

8) She's a little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n roll. By which I mean she has great taste in music that you can listen to at 4am while drinking bourbon and eating frosting.

9) She has great cheekbones. And by cheekbones I mean boobs. Which she only uses for good, not evil.

10) She makes me laugh, even on days when I didn't think it was possible. And for that we love her.

Pateeta said...

I don't know, but her hair is FABULOUS!

Sher said...

Dawn, I've been fortunate to get some pretty cool comments over the million years I've been writing here, but THAT one is by far in the top three. Gosh I appreciate your kind words and I so appreciate that you continue to read. Thank you so, so much.

Sher said...

Pateeta, Awww! What a nice thing to say. If you saw my hair this morning you would say something like, "Oh my God! Make it stop!"